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burton custom flying v 2018

Very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Slyde. Shop Gifts, However, there's no need to worry, we've got a snowboard for just about anyone. The camber in the tip/tail help stabilizes the board as long as you keep it a bit on edge when one footing and it doesn’t flat base as well as many other hybrid profiles other than rocker. Burton LTR 120 cm Kids Jr Snowboard Package w/ Burton Progression Bindings . 16 sold. This board is a lot of fun. None of us would like to be on this in harder conditions. When a product is listed as pre-order, the product is not yet in stock but is available to purchase from Not sure if there was a core change or just a relaxed weight recommendation. Burton Custom X Flying V - 2018. They upped the maximum weight recommendation to reflect the more portly Americans these days. It’s also even more subtle with the Custom Flying V than it is with the Custom because the tip/tail are lifted off the snow. Call our Burton Guides: (800) 881-3138, Sounds like a {boardSize1} or {boardSize2} will work well under your feet, but we're out of stock. Well, at least that’s how we understand it. $157.50. At high speeds, you can feel the board flutter below you like it might slip off that V at any moment. Not a bad board for softer conditions, however when it comes to riding hard pack or icy stuff then the board tends to wash out almost every single turn. The Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard is by far one of the absolute best that I’ve had the opportunity to shred on in the past few years. Its quick turn initiation can handle a tight tree run and can bomb a hill without the sketchy feeling that you would have on a hard pack day. The traditional cambered Burton Custom has a 20-year pedigree, and while the Burton Custom Flying V has only been around since the beginning of the last decade, it’s made quite an impact in it own right. Geared towards beginner to intermediate and freestyle riders but provides … Collection: winter 2018/2019 Warranty: 2 years Brand: Burton. The toe edge does not catch because it is so loose that the board just washes out (have tried a million and one foot positions). Size: 154 156 158 158W 162 162W 166W 154W. SOLD OUT - CANNOT BE ORDERED. The lack of edge hold means it won’t be great at climbing an icy pipe wall, but it will forgiving enough to help you learn the pipe or try new things. Speed: In good conditions this isn’t too bad, but in hard conditions the board’s tip and tail bounce around when going at medium to high speeds. La Burton Custom Flying V est une planche accessible et tolérante qui permet aux snowboarders de niveau intermédiaire de se lancer dans différentes… Burton : Custom Flying V 2018 on Vimeo Join Read more about the Custom Twin Flying V. Free shipping. Choose from our current menu: Brand Burton; Alternative products. It’s a common problem with some rocker boards, but for some reason, we found the issue to be particularly pronounced with the Custom Flying V-Rocker. Carving:  So with the lower profile and what seems like more camber these days there is a better feel when leaning into a hard carve. Flying V can make a board feel softer than its Camber counterpart. We try to get as many images of the Burton Custom Flying V, but forgive us if they're not all there. BURTON Women's Yeasayer Flying V Snowboard - 2021 - 144. If you like to exert little effort in your turns, then look to the Custom. This is a very fun board for most of the mountain, especially in powder, in the bumps, and just messing around at modest speeds. Was: $560.88. Same as the board above, but the Flying V gives it more float in deeper snow, and makes it more forgiving when you don’t get your spins all the way around. 2018 Burton Custom Flying V vs. the 2017 Burton Custom Flying V. We don’t ride the Custom and Custom Flying V a lot each year like we used to in the past so when we rode the Custom Camber it still had a very similar feel to the older Custom Camber models. Remember though that wood is hard to control and just like every company out there it’s difficult to have a consistent short rocker bend in the middle. Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo Stephen, Christopher and a few others To be sure your fit is dialed, please don't hesitate to call one of our Burton Guides to get their expert advice: (800) 881-3138, Sounds like a {boardSize} will work well under your feet, but we're out of stock in that size. 2. If it had the same personality in hard snow as it did in soft snow this would be a really fun all-mountain ride for all conditions. When it's either snowing or the snow is soft you can have a lot of fun on this board. 1. The Side Cut radius and depth changed a bit but it still feels pretty close to the older model. There is the regular camber version, the Flying-V, Off-Axis and a special Kilroy model. As per tradition here at I will give the Process Flying V a score out of 100 (based on several factors) and see how it compares with other all-mountain […] However, If you ride in hard snow it loses a lot of its charm. Skidded Turns: Very easy to skid turns and it’s a great board for that. Here are some pics to show how there is less camber in this hybrid rocker board than others. We will inform you by email if the ship date changes. Fit 0.0. Burton Custom Flying V 2018/2019; Burton Custom Flying V. Video 1. This year in the Swiss Alps has been super challenging. Burton has updated the Custom Flying V since we tested it. Buy it, if you mainly ride soft snow or like to butter around the mountain. Read more about the Custom Twin. Mezi vázáním a od vnějších stran vázání až ke špičce a patě je rocker, což zlepšuje hravost desky a jízdu v … Have ridden this board (2014 edition) about 7 times this year. I'm even considering going back to my ancient K2 Fat Bob with a more camber shape... Beware taking this board out in anything other than soft snow. Online shopping from a great selection at Sports & Outdoors Store. It’s almost like a twin. Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews. We can put you in the right ballpark if you give us your boot size and weight. If you use it in good conditions with some fresh snow or spring snow, you will have a very surfy and playful feeling. Uneven Terrain: The flex of the squeeze tech makes the board ride even easier in uneven terrain on the mountain. Our Burton Guides have the extra know-how to point you towards the board size you're looking for. Check out the past reviews of the 2010 and 2017 Burton Custom Flying V. This year, Burton revamped its shape making it even more responsive and playful than ever. If you weigh 180lbs+ or are a very strong rider it will be easier because it seems like Burton’s sweet spot is set up for lighter riders. Speed:  The Squeeze Box from the last couple of years along with the carbon in the 2014 Custom Flying V helps stiffen it up but it’s still fighting the flop that can happen from this camber profile design. It’s a loose playful ride. I am a 5’11 female, weight is 160 and I wear a 9-9.5 men’s boot (10.5 in women). I can confirm what everyone is reporting about this board: hard pack or ice, you will fall down. It tends to wander from edge side to edge in a squirrely type of manner, but this is nothing new to rocker/camber boards. What I dont understand is that everyone complaints about the edge grip in this board and Burton does not develop a similar technology of the Magnetraction from Mervin to contradict this. 38 watching. Turn Initiation: It’s the kind of board that has a nice lively feel underfoot but still works with even mellow boots and bindings. Even on an icey catwalk it can be an issue, especially if it's crowded and you are surrounded by inexperienced riders or kids. Free shipping. 1 star removed for not having a minimum grip when facing hard pack. I've ridden this board (2013 limited edition "The Animal")for a season and a half, tried many different options in terms of stance and angles and it still feels rather unstable which is quite surprising for the Custom camber cousin. One thing is for sure, you ca Even though this board isn’t a twin, it felt a lot like one with a centered stance hitting jumps. One relatively recent difference that improves the ride is the SqueezeBox tech that changes the cores flex between the feet. Shop Gifts, Today's Deal: International Priority Shipping On Orders Over $100. The Burton Custom Flying V is the mellow playful easier floating version Burton Custom that pops and butters really well. We hope it stays that way because each board has strengths over the other. Some might not like this feeling underfoot when one footing and flat basing but it’s very easy to butter and play around with. It does everything except riding hard pack or ice. On Snow Feel:  Our initial impression was that the Burton Custom V-Rocker’s medium flex did not translate to the slopes like the camber version did. When we find so, About The Good Ride Snowboard Binding Reviews, About The Good Ride Snowboard Boot Reviews, About The Good Ride Snowboard Outerwear Reviews, James, Peter, Jimbo Stephen, Christopher and a few others. Days: 7+ It's kind of a dangerous board if you try to push it's limits. It’s not much but maybe if you rode the older model a lot you might notice but we didn’t notice the same change on the Custom Camber. No obligation, but these links & ads support the site. It works great to create a loose, edge-free feel, but takes some getting used to and feels unstable at high speeds or on really hard surfaces - bring your camber board to ride fast on hard pack or extra-firm groomers. The same goes for all camber bends but it affects the ride consistency more with hybrid rocker boards. The wavy profile of the Burton Custom Flying V makes for a versatile ride and ensures the board is a complete all-rounder - a near perfect score for a true all-mountain board. You will not be charged until the item ships. New 2010 Burton Method 155 Snowboard . Burton Custom Flying V 156 Snowboard. This year we reviewed the Flying V profile of the Custom X, the exceptionally powerful version of the Custom. Should I had known that before I would have propably stayed away of it. UPDATE: Check out our review of the 2017/2018 Burton Custom Flying V here. There are 2 different versions of the legendary board the Camber version and the Flying V. Today we are talking about the Custom Flying V (FV). Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard - Men's - 2019/2020 is no longer available. $37.99 shipping. It’s not like many of the Family Tree boards but it does give pretty good all-mountain float. 2018 Burton Custom Flying V (Rocker Camber) 150 Snowboard (MSRP: $599.95) $299.99. It’s getting better but it’s still not there with many other hybrid rocker boards out there that have less bends throughout the board. Butterability and ollie power are probably the two strongest things going for this board. Manufacturer's Description: Often imitated, never outdone – the most trusted and versatile all-terrain … It’s just a refined custom that makes it’s strong points a little stronger. Pánský snowboard Burton Process Flying V prohnutí: Flying V - kříženec camberu a rockeru. The 2018 Burton Custom has a blunted nose which we think makes it look better and it also probably adds a smidge of extra float in powder. The association is awesome, combining edge power from the Custom X core with the accessibility of the dual camber Flying V. You get smoothness, precision and a very wide range of rides, all of which are natural and almost intuitive. It’s a pretty fun good condition ride but like many hybrid rocker Burton boards, it fell apart in harder snow. In loose snow, high speed and big turns, I do not think there is so much difference between the boards. Do not get this board if you ride icy or hard conditions a lot or if you prefer stability over playfulness. For example the Process Flying V vs. What is surprising is how much you feel the rocker portion of the Flying V profile. Board:Burton Custom X Flying V Price:$749 (USD recommended retail) Style:All-Mountain Flex Rating:Medium-Stiff (8/10) Flex Feel:Medium-Stiff (7/10) Rating Score: 83.3/100 The Final Take on the Burton Custom Flying V. We’d love to see a little more edge hold and a little less chatter in the nose/tail but still this is a really fun board for someone who rides in good to powder conditions. It’s easy riding with a centered stance in shallow powder but you have the option to set it back and get some surfy directional float going on. The effective edge is a little shorter to compensate for the bigger blunted nose/tail. It’s very forgiving though and very easy to get off your game without massive consequences. More pros are choosing the Burton Process Flying V snowboard as their go-to ride and it's easy to see why. In stock Check all Store Inventory 154. If the rider is aware of it's limitations on hard snow, this is one of the best progression boards out there because it will forgive any mistakes that the rider may do and will allow to boost the confidence of the rider to go to other levels of riding. It always feels uneven and out of control. Edge Hold: There isn’t much edge hold going on and it’s not fun at all when the conditions get harder. It would be fun to have both for different moods and conditions. Shop the Men's Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard along with more snowboards from Winter 2018 at “No matter the conditions or terrain, the Burton Custom Flying V Can deliver” By adding a rocker section under the waist of the classic Custom, Burton have made a board that maintains a lot of the all-round cred of its long-serving workhorse, but that offers a mellower ride in certain conditions. You will feel speed wobbles as if your on a skateboard. Days: 15+ Burton Custom Flying V. Home » Snowboard Reviews » Burton Custom Flying V 2010-2018 Snowboard Review. In this review I will take a look at the Process Flying V as an all-mountain snowboard. The boards fun and one of those decks that can easily do it all without letting you down. The Custom has been in Burton's lineup since '96. Jumps: The mini camber near the tail in this rocker/camber combination helps keep the board very springy and playful. Find great deals on eBay for burton custom flying v and burton process flying v. Shop with confidence. Slightly stiffer than its Process cousin, it attacks the mountain like Rambo on a bad day, with good stability and hardly a vibration felt underfoot, even at speed. Size: 159, 160 However, as soon as conditions start to get hard (even a little bit) you will feel very unstable and have difficulty keeping an edge. Here are some highlights of what’s recently changed. Burton’s hybrid rocker boards make it very easy and playful when it comes to buttering and such. You can also hear it hitting the hard snow with a unique sound similar to a bike with a card in the spokes. It seems like over the last couple years there is a little more camber these days and that the V isn’t super crazy so the tip/tail are closer to the snow which makes for a more stable ride. In fact, the board just might be my favorite park board of all time. Wanted to test Flying V and see what difference it would make. We will provide you with an approximate ship date for your item(s) at the time of purchase. Its borderline soft snow only kind of edge hold makes it a little washy in firm snow but in good snow, it’s not bad. Hello and welcome to my Burton Process Flying V review. $59.95 shipping. We we felt it to be very loose and buttery for an all mountain board. In good conditions, we would call the speed good, but in hard conditions, it’s just average. Short to wide radius turns are pretty fun. 3. Honestly, I'm happy with this board. Otherwise, I think they are better boards in current Burton line. It pops up nicely out of powder, but it is not much fun riding because you cannot drive the toe edge because it lacks stability. Learning tricks is easy with this board, jumping as well since the landings are very forgiving, switch is super easy, buttering is good, powder has a good float if you have the right size and carving is ok as well with good snow. We like that there is still a choice between camber custom and rocker custom. Turn Initiation and Carving: The Burton Custom Flying V-Rocker shape makes it incredibly easy to turn. If you have some cash to burn, it would make great companion to the Custom cambered board, giving you the option of which you want to ride given your mood or the conditions. 7 bids. So yes there are some changes for the better here but Burton made sure that the overall personality was still very much the Burton Custom Flying V that most got to know over the last few years. If you can't buy through the links above, you can support the site with: © 2021 The Good Ride | Privacy Policy |, Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced •, Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6'1"-210lbs-13boot-burton cartel, Riding Style: All mountain, Backcountry •, Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 1,78m, 75kg, 9 boot, M binding, 158 board, Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): Starting to be an old fat bastard, Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 189cm, 90kg, UK 9 1/2, Burton Custom Flying V 2010-2018 Snowboard Review, Look, last season I rode this board in Mammoth and Whistler and had an awesome time in powder and soft snow. The Flying V-Rocker has a good float and there is a little set back on effective edge as well as a little more onboard. $300.00. If you are a beginner snowboarder or someone who likes to just get out on weekends for no pressure fun, consider the Burton Custom Flying V. We found this board to be soft, forgiving, and delightfully playful - perfect if you don't plan to push the limits too far. If you'd really like to dial in your board choice, give our Burton Guides a call for one-on-one expert advice: (800) 881-3138. Burton Process Flying V. Burton Process Off-Axis. Review of the Burton Custom Flying V (2018) snowboard. I recommend this board to a beginner that wants to get to the next level of riding because this board is a catch free board. $34.70 shipping. A Flying V baseline gives you the liveliness of rocker with the turning power and stability of camber, so you can ollie higher, carve tighter and float effortlessly through powder. We like this change and it gives the board a lot less of a continuous rocker feel on the snow. The effective edge is a little shorter to compensate for the bigger blunted nose/tail. Pipe: The Burton Custom Flying V isn’t the best pipe board around, but can handle it on softer spring days. The center of the board has the most contact with the snow and is pretty stiff, but the tip and tail bounce so much that the chatter feels like it works its way through the entire board. And it's a lot of fun year in and year out. Pipe: We have had fun in the pipe with hybrid rocker boards but this didn’t do a great job. It’s mainly because of the edge hold and the minimal camber in the tip/tail. Other than a few minor tweaks the 2017 Burton Custom Flying V is pretty much the same ride as it was in 2015 and 2014. Still, it’s fun if the pipe is soft but it’s not a day in day out pipe ride. It’s a massive departure though compared to the Camber Custom and not really a board that will allow you to really maximize carving. We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective. Suppose it is also what most people think about when buying. Even when pressed down it’s not the same contact as camber from tip to tail. Uneven Terrain: Now when you slow this board down to ride over uneven terrain it’s soft floppy feel handles bumps and end of a crowded day groomer runs very well. Need help deciding? Some boards can have the tip/tail pretty close to the snow and others can be higher off the ground. The lifted tip/tail makes it feel a little more like a twin too. The rocker between the feet is more exaggerated than most hybrid rocker boards so it makes for a very loose feel between the feet. It helps make 2014-2017 a little snappier than the 2013 but it’s no game-changer. When we find soft snow, it remains great bit if you get hard pack or ice with uneven terrain, you are gonna feel really uncomfortable at high speeds. It has rather average flex and it isn't very poppy at all. Here is how most boards do hybrid rocker. $449.95. None of us want magnatraction but we would love to see a massive augmentation of the Frost Bite edges It’s only like a 1/2 mm by 1/2 mm extension which is almost nonexistent. $719.99 Free Shipping Free Binding Install Unavailable In Stock Alert. It’s just that good. The board is fast enough for intermediates and is a very durable board. I think the true&tested camber profile seems to be a better option for an all-mountain rider with just a one do-it-all board. I take this board quite often to do backcountry and ride fast in groomed runs. Feel free to check out other boards, a Burton dealer near you, or call one of our Burton Guides for their expert advice: (800) 881-3138, Sounds like a {boardSize1} or {boardSize2} will suit you well. This year in the Swiss Alps has been super challenging. The ultimate allround snowboard from Burton. Regarding the rest: 5 stars. The feeling between the feet is loose like most continuous rocker boars. Has a very playful feel to it. Switch: The Burton Custom Flying V is a pretty easy board to ride switch and even though it’s a twin-like shape. For the 2018 season, the Process comes in 4 versions. Most people will know someone who owns and loves a Burton Custom and with good reason, it truly is one of the most versatile, high performance all-mountain freestyle snowboards and perfect for anyone looking to really push and progress their riding. Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard 2018. I’m just getting back to snowboarding after a 8 year hiatus (damn kids). Comparing it to the Custom, the Process is a softer flexing board, that has a twin shape. Size: 156, 158 and 160 Boots: Burton SLX, Salomon Synapse So, in conclusion, this is a blast when the conditions are good but it’s got a manic personality change when the conditions are hard. It’s got good shock absorption in uneven terrain as long as you are taking it on at slow speeds. You find yourself looking for things to pop off around the mountain when you are on this board. The 2018 Burton Custom Flying V got a few tweaks to the design but it’s still got that very distinct Custom personality it had in 2017. On Snow Feel: It’s a bit lose between the feet in the soft snow going to pretty loose in harder snow. Equipped with the Custom Flying V Camber Bend Profile, the Custom boasts the powerful combination of relaxed float and rocker in a lightweight, poppy, and highly versatile shape you can ride in any condition or terrain. Burton Custom Twin Flying V. A Flying V (hybrid camber) and twin shaped version of the Custom. With the Custom Flying V Wide, big boys from shoe size 45 get their money's worth. It doesn’t do this as well as many of the softer Burton boards but it’s one of the better all mountain boards for jibbing we came across. or Best Offer. It turns really easy for almost any rider of any level. 2018 burton fish snowboard 61. Process Camber; Flying V will feel softer even though they have the same materials. Set Up: All kinds of widths but usually close to 23″ and generally something like 15 front and -9 back to duck at 15 front -15 back. 4.0. out of 5 . Today's Deal: International Priority Shipping On Orders Over $100. So it’s totally the opposite of the custom camber. I have this board since 2013 and I ride mainly in good conditions. It is so disappointing. Burton Process Camber. Switch: The Burton Custom Flying V has a twinish shape that’s almost the same as the camber custom, but thanks to the v-rocker profile, the board does a great job riding switch because the nose and tail aren’t really initiating the turns like a camber board would. Flex:  The change to the core profile isn’t a game-changer but it definitely improves the ride and continues to help the board flex naturally underfoot. It’s not a total game-changer but it definitely does help improve pop and overall flex of the board. The 2018 Burton Custom Flying VSnowboard is still one of the most dominant snowboards to date and a strong team favourite. Quality 0.0. The Burton Custom has been at the top of the game for about 20 years now. Magnetraction works really well with hybrid rocker boards so lets hope that one day Burton is able to fix this. After a while you get used to it, but this is not ideal when riding at high speeds. I have been using this board (2013 edition) for over a year now and find it very loose and frustrating to ride. The Burton Custom Flying V has one more bend up than most hybrid rocker boards. Have been running Burton Custom (camber) for several years and for me it is the absolute best all-round board. The V-Rocker’s extra kink-up in the board gives it a lot of float and lets you take more of a park approach on a fluffy day. It’s a little too easy for my taste but some might really like how you can flick this thing around with just the slightest adjustment. Edge Hold: The Squeeze Box and carbon tech combined with the existing frostbite edges gives the 2014-2017 Custom V-Rocker more edge hold than it did in the past and it’s an improvement but we all would like a lot more. November 01, 2017. Powder:  Nothing has really changed in terms of its powder performance.

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