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front office operations syllabus

1 BHM351 Advance Food Production Operations - II 02 08 100 100 2 BHM352 Advance F&B Operations - II 02 02 100 100 3 BHM353 Front Office Management - II 02 02 100 100 4 BHM354 Accommodation Management - II 02 02 100 100 5 BHM305 Food & Beverage Management 04 - 100 - 6 BHM306 Facility Planning 04 - 100 - Misrepresenting identity in an online course. 12. Front Office Course Syllabus - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Know Room Type Definitions. To identify methods that hotels use to predict sales, fill rooms, deliver healthy P&L’s and harness the power of the internet to succeed in front office operations. Department provides a vital service to the Front Office by ensuring that all funds flow in a timely and correct manner and that all necessary documentation is completed. This policy applies to admissions, employment, treatment and access to all programs and activities that take place either on or off the campus at Lackawanna College. Rubber Production (NC II) 320 hours 23. Suits are permitted, but not required. It will be at the discretion of the instructor. C. Forecasting Room availability. To identify the positions and job descriptions of each member of the front office staff of the hotel. Make-up tests are allowed only with a Doctor’s note. It is the first department with which a guest comes in direct contact even before check in (at the time of reservation). Students will be required to maintain a notebook, Students will be administered chapter summary exams as well as a final exam, Students will be participating in interactive group activities, Students will provide their own transportation for class trips, Jeans, yoga style pants, leggings and sweatpants are not permitted to be worn to class, Male students must wear ironed pants free of rip, stain or mark. Here you can check the chapter-wise overview on Front Office latest syllabus. Describe the organization of the front office department and the purpose of job descriptions and job specifications. Front Office is also called the nerve Centre of Hotel. Group Case study. Chain/Brand Loyalty Round Table Discussion. Syllabus BHM313 (T) 01 PLANNING & EVALUATING FRONT OFFICE OPERATIONS. 2. We have covered the complete guide on CBSE Front Office Operations Class 10 syllabus 2019. Rubber Processing (NC II) 320 hours 22. Explain what goals and actions are necessary to be an effective first and last link to the guest in the hotel sector of the hospitality industry. Be Familiar with all Key Terms. Total Marks: 100 (Theory – 50 + Practical – 50). If a student stops attending a course for which he/she is registered after the published census date (end of drop/add) without having officially withdrawn from the course, the student will be assigned an AW (penalty-grade failure) for the class. BHM syllabus focus on practical modules that gives detailed insight of front office operations, corporate dinance, public relations, beverage prepration. Download colleges brochure, read questions and student reviews. Any abuse of this privilege may result in revocation of privilege either to the individual or to the entire class. Students will be allowed to bring a beverage and or snack to classroom as long as it does not interfere with class or becomes a nuisance to others. The grace period for late assignments is as follows: 1 day late-10% deduction off of the assignment grade, 2 days late-20% off of the assignment grade, 3 days late-the assignment will receive a grade of 0%. Page 250 Questions. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action inquiries: Carolyn Quinn, Affirmative Action Officer/Director of Continuing Education, Angeli Hall, Room 300C, Vine Street, Scranton PA (570) 961-7815, or Tony Ferrese, Affirmative Action Officer/Seeley Hall Residence Director, Seeley Hall, First Floor, North Washington Avenue, Scranton PA, (570) 504-1760, Students will be allowed ipads or laptops for the purpose of educational enhancement. Page 410 Questions. This unit deals with the information related to different qualities required in front office personnel. As such and in the spirit of professionalism, all students attending non-kitchen lab classroom courses will be required to come to class in full compliance with the requirements of a business casual dress code. Develop strategic thinking and apply marketing skills that are necessary to attract and retain customers to the hotel with unparalleled customer service. Reference Books: 1. Be Familiar with all Key Terms. Financial obligations to the College will be determined according to the Refund Policy. Green Hotel PowerPoint Assignment. Sanctions will include an automatic F for plagiarism, but the severity or frequency of the violation may result in dismissal from the College as well. On a conceptual level, the operations of many firms are divided into three parts: the front office, the middle office, and the back office. Front Office Operations 1 month Duration: 1 month *inclusive of 300 hours internship . Group Activity – Research Group Resumes. For updates on the Coronavirus and Cares Act FAQ, please visit Logos and any wording on shirts are not permitted, Sweaters, jackets and cardigans are permitted, Shoes must be clean and polished and must be appropriate for wear in a business environment. Compare colleges on fees, eligibility, placements and other details. It will also familiarize students with the role of computers in the hotel industry. KWL Completed Assignment. Teaching Philosophy: Teach students everything I know on how to effectively run the Front Office of a hotel. Front office personnel should have excellent communication skills and body language.By studying this course, you can develop your communication skills and soft skills required of hospitality professionals. Any student who gets caught surfing the internet for any reason other than permitted class research will lose this privilege. Test including Chapter 3 Key terms as well as material on Chapters 1, 2, and 3. You can check and download the latest syllabus and PDF book for Front Office Operations Class 10. . This schedule is a guide, schedule may be affected by snow days and class pace, The Fall 2020 Computer Reimbursement and Loaner Program, For updates on the Coronavirus and Cares Act FAQ, please visit, SVA - Lackawanna College Student Veterans of America, Volunteers of Lackawanna College (V.O.L.C.). Students with disabilities and other needs should feel free to contact the instructor privately if there are services and adaptations which can be made to accommodate specific needs. Front Office Operations Class 11 Syllabus - Front Office Operations Class 11 Syllabus The Hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line and additional fields within the tourism industry. STAY TUNED! Students will learn skills necessary to organize and perform duties in this vital link in the hospitality chain. Review Questions at end of Chapter. Exam questions and in class activities 2 AUG 27 CHAPTER 2 - FRONT OFFICE OPERATIONS Students Learning Outcomes: 1. Bare shoulders, mid-drifts, cleavage or spaghetti straps are not permitted. Page 177 Questions at the end of Chapter. Group Case Study. To withdraw officially from a course or from the College, a student must obtain the proper withdrawal form from the Student Affairs Office or from your Center Director, complete this form and submit it to the Registrar's Office before the final day for withdrawal without academic penalty as indicated on the College calendar. Chapter 12 – Planning and Evaluation Operations. Hotel Front Office Training Manual – Sudhir Andrews – Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishers, New Delhi. The College also prohibits retaliation against any person who makes a claim of discrimination or harassment or who provides information in such an investigation. Don’t worry! Housekeeping Operations Lec Lab. Front Office Course Syllabus. Know Departure Procedures, Methods of Settlement, Late Check-outs, Check-out Options, Unpaid Account Balances, Account Collection, PCI Compliance. Filed Under: CBSE Tagged With: front office department, front office management book free download, front office management books, front office management course outline, front office management notes, front office management pdf, front office management ppt, Front Office Management Syllabus CBSE, front office responsibilities Be Familiar with all Key Terms. Unit 1: Communication This unit is an attempt to provide students, information about communication, basic components and the communication process. Know the Divisions. Know The Guest Cycle. Interactive Group Activity on Exhibit One. You will understand the role of Front Office as the public face of the hotel, primarily by greeting hotel patrons and checking in guests. Quiz on Chapter 1 Key Terms. Page 410 Questions. CBSE Class 10 Syllabus PDF For All Subjects, Know Everything about  CBSE Class 10 Exam 2019, Black Friday Sale 2019 | Grab Kopykitab’s Deals Up To 90% Off, Southern Railway Recruitment 2019 For 3529 Apprentice Posts | Last Date December 31, 2019. Lackawanna College Notice of Nondiscrimination. When people stay at a hotel, little do they realize how much goes on after they've checked in and when they're asleep. Students who are having difficulties with class material are strongly advised to seek assistance in the reading and writing lab. Explain the functions of management as performed by the front office manager. Asian Cuisine OBEdized Syllabus. Lackawanna College is an Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity institution. Be Familiar with all Key Terms. Accommodation numbers are not written on the keys, which creates problems when the keys are misplaced within or around the premises. Rice Machinery Operations (NC II) 320 hours 21. PapaCambridge provides General Front Office Operations in Hospitality (L1) BTEC Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 1 Introductory past papers, notes, ebooks, slides and resources which includes teachers resource material and a lot more. Curriculum: Download: 03/08/2018: Diploma Front Office Operations: Download: 03/08/2018: Diploma Food Production: Download Know the Registration Process, Room Rates, Responding to Special Requests. General Front Office Operations in Hospitality (L1) BTEC Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 1 Introductory Syllabus. Be Familiar with all Key Terms. A. It also provides a thorough knowledge of guestroom cleaning and maintenance and also with the sanitation in housekeeping operations. Front Office in a hotel is an interesting world on its own. Denim and leather of any color are not permitted, Female students may wear an ironed shirt, blouse either long or short sleeve. Lackawanna College will empower you to experience learning by inspiring your critical thinking, accessing your talents and skills, motivating you toward a career choice, and encouraging you to make a difference. Page 467 Questions. 2. Chapter 10 – The Role of Housekeeping in Hospitality Operations. Reports or inquiries regarding nondiscrimination should be made to: Title IX Coordinator/ Executive Director of the Student Wellness Program, Marsha Pigga, Angeli Hall, Room 102, 501 Vine Street, Scranton PA, 18509 (570) 955-1466/ (570) 677-7589, Be Familiar with all Key Terms. (Source: A request for accommodation by the guest in a hotel for any particular period is called reservation. Lackawanna College complies with Title IX and all other federal laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination in education programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance. Group Case Study. Only nude or flesh colored gauge style earrings are permitted, No see through, sheer or overly tight fitting clothing is permitted, Hair must be of a color that occurs in nature, Work with a positive attitude and a teachable spirit with respect given to the tools and equipment of our trade, Adhere to a strict code of ethical behavior or business practices with respect always for our customers and co-workers, To embrace and regard all races, religions, ages, ability levels and sexual orientation with equal respect and to speak and act in a way without prejudice or bias, To treat peers, teachers, administrators, visitors and guest with courtesy and respect. Here you will learn larger world of Tourism and Hotels to the specific area of Front Office department. Students enrolled in credit-bearing courses at Lackawanna College will fail any course(s) in which they accumulate absences beyond the maximum number allowed. We have all chosen a historied and well respected profession. These operations are visible to the guests of the hotel. E-mail, Managing Front Office Operations, Ninth Edition (Kasavana). There are two categories of Front Office Operations − Front-House Operations. Group Case Study. Attendance is tracked by instructors, so be sure to log on and adhere to the following scale: A student has the privilege of withdrawing from any courses or from the College itself without academic penalty up to and including the final date for withdrawal indicated on the College calendar. Training on personality development and customer service and English proficiency in the workplace are also included in the course syllabus. 3. Here you can check the chapter-wise overview on Front Office latest syllabus. This unit takes into account the advantages and disadvantages of computer. Be Familiar with all Key Terms. This includes prohibiting discrimination against pregnant and parenting students. Hotel Front Office Operations - West Los Angeles. Educators who are preparingprofession-als for roles as front office managers and general managers in hotels are required to meet the challenges of operations, technology, training, empowerment, and international ap- Front Office Operations Covers various information on different management systems in the hotel front office; examines inter-departmental communications, computer applications, managerial reporting, a review of future trends, and decision-making skills using front office information systems. HRM 104 Front Office Operations Date of Most Recent Syllabus Revision: Course Typically Offered: Fall Spring Summer Every Semester Other Syllabus last reviewed by: BCC General Education Committee (Most courses need review Ad Hoc Committee on Learning Assessment ____ Know Account Fundamentals, Accounts, Folios, Point of Sale, Ledgers, Automated Recordkeeping Systems, Account Maintenance, Cash Banks, Audit Controls and Settlement of Accounts. Extra credit is available to students who have shown a true effort in class and are committed to learning. It generates the first impression, the last impression, and a lasting impression upon the guest. Breakout Activity on Creative Registration Options. Telephone Skills Role Playing. Front Office - VIP Amenities Request Order Form Terms and Conditions - Serviced Apartment / Long Stay Lease Since 2012 is helping hoteliers around the world to set up their hotel operations. Students have freedom in color of pants but pants must be free of slogans, and wording of any kind, Male students may wear polo style long or short sleeved shirts, pressed dress shirts with or without a tie or bow tie, sweater, vest or jacket. Environmental Science Syllabus. It will help to understand the different types of communication and the role of communication in hospitality industry. Be Familiar with all Key Terms. TOPIC WISE NOTES ARE BEING ADDED. Our conduct contributes largely to our reputation both collectively and as individuals. This course focuses on the management role in the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, clubs, and resorts. In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Lackawanna College will not tolerate any forms of sexual misconduct including but not limited to: sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual violence and gender-based harassment by employees, students or third parties. This certificate course will facilitate intensive training for computerized reservation system operations and general management of reception, information and concierge desks in … Unit 4: Basic laws governing Front Desk Operations The number of sets may vary according to the guest policy. Front Office Operations Class 10 Syllabus 2019 PDF: Are you looking for CBSE Front Office Operations Syllabus for Class 10 ? It will help to understand the different types of communication and the role of communication in hospitality industry. Guest Service standards at front Office, basic study of functions at front desk, bell desk and room reservations Knowledge of rooms and plans, Uses of forms, registers and records maintained at front Office. Skirts may be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. The third edition of Hotel Front Office Management continues to address the demands of the hotel industry in the new millennium. Quiz on Chapter 10 Key Terms . View 144 Diploma in Front Office Management courses in India. Know Front Office Operations and Job Specifications. If a conflict exits with a due date it is the student’s responsibility to discuss this matter with me in a timely manner. Fidelio software. Lackawanna College will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities, or employment practices, based on race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, ancestry, union membership, or any other legally protected classification. Academic dishonesty in any form, such as plagiarism and cheating, will not be tolerated either in the online or traditional classrooms. Lackawanna College is committed to providing an educational and work environment that is free from unlawful sexual discrimination including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and gender based harassment. If you feel that you have a disability that has not been formally documented, you may meet with Mrs. Christine Kiehart in the Disability Services office to discuss your options. Students will learn these skills through PowerPoints, round table discussions, case studies, Q & A’s with hospitality professionals, and interactive assignments that directly relate to the industry. This unit will make the students to comprehend the importance of Personal Hygiene and what role does grooming plays in Hotel Industry and one’s life. Reservations Outcomes * Guest Perspective * Having … Homework questions at the end of the chapter. It also provides assistance to guests during their stay, completes their accommodation, food and beverage accounts … … Students will learn ways to capitalize on each “moment of truth” with guests in order to meet and exceed their needs with the goal of providing exceptional customer service to ensure a successful hospitality venture. Final Obe Syllabus Worldtour. Quiz on Chapter 8 Key Terms Be Familiar with all Key Terms. «NSQF Practical Guidelines and Project 2018 of “Front Office Operations (753)” for Class 12 CBSE Hindi Letter “Atirikt Kaksha hetu Aavedan Patra” , “अतिरिक्त कक्षा हेतु आवेदन-पत्र” Hindi Letter for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduate Classes » As such, we acknowledge our role in constantly working to enhance the status of the hospitality industry and of the School of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management at Lackawanna College. Group activity Case Study. (Reservations Agent Sales Process page 146). Identify the positions and job descriptions of each member of the front of the house staff of the hotel. Few of these operations include − Interacting with the guests to handle request for an accommodation. Know Interdepartmental Communications, Guest Services, Guest Relations. Front Office Management Syllabus. Be Familiar with all Key Terms. To explain what is involved to be an effective first and last link to the customer in the hotel sector of the hospitality industry. Using books, notes or other materials during an examination, unless expressly permitted; Using purchased essays, term papers or preparatory research for such papers; Copying others' work or engaging in unauthorized cooperation during an assignment or examination; Allowing another student to copy from an examination or other assignment intended to be performed independently; Borrowing from published works, whether material is taken verbatim or with minor alterations, without proper and/or sufficient acknowledgment; Submitting as one’s own work originally done by someone else; Submitting the same written report in more than one course without prior approval from the instructor(s) involved; Supplying or selling examinations or assignments; Misrepresenting statements concerning work submitted; Falsifying or fabricating experimental data or results; Falsifying or fabricating the need for extensions on papers or make-up examinations. Front Office plays a vital role. The following are among the forms of dishonesty, in a classroom of any type, for which sanctions may be applied: (Please see the student handbook for more information.). A study of the flow of activities and functions in today's lodging operation. We acknowledge that it takes years and a series of deliberate choices to build an ethical and respected reputation. Manual of Hotel Reception – Medlik. Be familiar with Hotel Organization and their Functional Areas. Be Familiar with all Key Terms. Please note that disability services do not include exemption from participation requirements in courses considered part of the School of Distance Education, including online and hybrid courses. The guests can interact and see these operations, hence, the name Front-House operations. Forecasting techniques. In evidence of this learning, the College requires a graduation portfolio containing Career Documents, including a résumé, two letters of recommendation, and a career exploration; Core Coursework, including a research paper from College Writing; three sample papers or projects from Major Coursework; and a Lackawanna College Reflection Paper. T shirts are not permitted, Female students must wear ironed pants or skirts free of rip, stain or mark. Be Familiar with Room Status Terminology page 107. Front Office Operations. This unit will be followed by making the students understand about the requirements of each attribute in the hotel industry. Knowledge of Property Management Systems as required by Hotels i.e. The Hotel Receptionist – Grace Paige and Jane Paige ELBS Publications 4. It will also make the students to update their knowledge with the international and national information such as airlines and their codes of different countries, their capital and currencies and India’s different states and their capital. It is the core center of hotel operations. The candidates who are willing to take up this course should possess the eligibility criteria as they must have completed either 10th or 12th education with a minimum aggregate score of 55%. This unit will provide students information about the advantages and importance of reading Newspaper in their daily life and how it is beneficial for front office personnel. To embrace and strive diligently to possess those characteristics regarded highly in our industry-reliability, thirst for knowledge, humility, dedication, open-mindedness, resourcefulness, honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. Group Case Study. 20. Group Case Study. Announcement of this policy is in accordance with State Law including the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act and with Federal Law including Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Test on Chapters 4,5,6 as well as Ch 6 Key Terms. This pertains to online classes as well. Page 383 Questions. Case Study. Know Staff Security Procedures. Know Group Reservation/ Group Blocks. As professionals, we are aware that we are representatives of Lackawanna College and of the vast culinary and hospitality industries. COMPETENCY-BASED CURRICULUM Sector: Tourism (Hotel and Restaurant) Qualification: FRONT OFFICE SERVICES NC II TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY East Service Road, South Superhighway, Taguig City, Metro Manila CBC- FRONT OFFICE SERVICES NC II (Amended)Promulgated December 2013 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page A...COURSE DESIGN.....1-19 B. This unit is an attempt to provide students, information about communication, basic components and the communication process. Flip-flops, slippers, sneakers, sandals and open toed shoes for example are not permitted to be in the classroom, Jewelry must be limited to rings, earrings, watches, bracelets and necklaces appropriate in a business style setting. VI. As professionals and members of the School, the following standards of conduct are expected. Introduction: The front office is where a hotel guest's stay physically begins ... the inner workings of a hotel in a way that will hopefully promote both learning and interest while K. Recognize various types of security and safety requirements and Each module will be open each Monday morning at 12:01am, beginning the . Setting Room Rates (Details/Calculations thereof) – Hubbart Formula, market condition approach & Thumb Rule – Types of discounted rates – corporate, rack etc.

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