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how to write initials with middle name

This solution uses Array capabilities, Arrow function and ternary operator to achieve the goal in one line. I don't have a second middle name, so the four-letter monogram issue won't come up for me unless I get married and have to decide what to do about my last name. To be really pedantic, you could have GeorgeSdotCowan ;-) CategoryWiki. However if a convention is not adopted almost universally(and I doubt it ever will be), it probably will never matter except in how people would like their or their relative's name to appear. I’ve worked with a lot of human resources systems and data over the years and in most cases, they don’t force you to have a value for middle name. But I rarely say my middle name. (name abbreviated, 7.62) J.-P. Sartre (hyphenated name, 8.7) H.D. First name, middle initial, last name. On a PAN Card only a name (first name, middle name or family name) containing 25 characters can be printed. (special case for pen name, 14.73) AP (p. 142): Periods, no space. Monograms are an essential element of Southern style. Too much of a mouthful xD. They make your statement. FDR (initials used alone, 8.4) MJ (entire name abbreviated, 10.12) President O. At last space we have to take all the characters after the last space in a simple approach. There are 25 boxes for each name in the printed form. The impact of middle names: Middle name initials enhance evaluations of intellectual performance | European Journal of Social Psychology via Fast Company. I have a roster of about 300 names I need help with a formula that will take the first initial of the first name and middle name, and the entire last name from three different cells and convert it to 1 cell lowercase. Your program does not allow me to enter my middle name - only an initial. G/O Media may get a commission. Mary is my first name, Shannon is my middle name, and Wells is my last name. N'oubliez pas d'inscrire vos initiales. H. G. Swanson J. D. Pedersen But if we have just three initials (say, F.D.R. For a couple: from left to right: The woman’s initial – Last name – Man’s initial. The US? or John Smith jsmith. ), we'd omit the spaces, correct? This format is also used for someone who does not have a middle name. Suppose you want to write the name with initials of a person called Alfred Brad Chez Dean Eugendis. Source(s): personal experiences(: 2 0. Given a full name in the form of a string, the task is to print the initials of a name, in short, and surname in full. In surname I put Smith, but then in initials would I put “J” or “JS”? Hi All, I have had this quite unsure for a while. For example let’s say my name is John Smith. L.J. For a married woman who wants to include her maiden name: from left to right: First name – New last name – Maiden name. If name is single word, just take first two chars, but if more, then take 1st chars of first and last names. Both initials should be same size. Monogram Styles. Don't forget to include your middle initial. If using two initials, an individual monogram traditionally consists of first name and last name (surname) initials. Imaginer que vous voulez seulement inclure une initiale moyenne au lieu du deuxième prénom de totalité. then list the editors with their initials followed by their last names and then include the name "uptodate" in italics. Many people use it differently and I don't know what's the proper way. Examples: Input: Devashish Kumar Gupta Output: D. K. Gupta Input: Ishita Bhuiya Output: I. Bhuiya Recommended: Please try your approach on first, before moving on to the solution. For over 50 years I've filed my taxes first initial then middle name. Imagine that you only want to include a middle initial instead of the whole middle name. The initials are often interlinked or wrapped together by a border, and they usually come together to be a calligraphy artwork by themselves. A monogram often comprises a person’s initials — often first, middle, and last name – or couples’ initials or family members’ initials. And what about a company name--no spaces between the the "J." This video demonstrates how to separate a name in the format: [FIRST NAME, MIDDLE INITIAL, LAST NAME] into different variables using Microsoft Excel. For couples, if they share their last name, the last name remains in the middle with the initials of their first names on the left and right side. Mary Jane Smith could be MJS or MSJ with a larger S. Step 3 Monogram the name of the married woman only using one of three options. Instead how can i do reference for the middle name of the author ... Students can copy the letters to write their name or initials on isometric paper. and the "C, [Forum] RE: Initials for name . The reason is that there are 2, not 3, major components to people's names: 1. (Mr. Carlson was my high school math teacher. I have 2 middle names and I just put down my name in full. To help differentiate similar names, middle initials may be given where known. This is the answer I was about to post. It may be appropriate to include within a file name the name of an individual, usually when the record is a piece of correspondence. Or do I need to get a different tax application? But then, it doesn’t make sense to ask for both initials and surname. middle name - a name between your first name and your surname name - a language unit by which a person or thing is known; "his name really is George Washington"; "those are … I personally support usage of a period to contrast an initial with a one letter name(my mother being one with a single letter as a middle name). The most common case in my experience is when someone prefers to go by a middle name: "Lee Carlson" to their friends, "R. Lee Carlson" formal author credit.

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