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resistor definition in tamil

Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL … [7] The resistance of both thin and thick film resistors after manufacture is not highly accurate; they are usually trimmed to an accurate value by abrasive or laser trimming. For higher power wirewound resistors, either a ceramic outer case or an aluminum outer case on top of an insulating layer is used – if the outer case is ceramic, such resistors are sometimes described as "cement" resistors, though they do not actually contain any traditional cement. [9] A carbon pile resistor can be incorporated in automatic voltage regulators for generators, where the carbon pile controls the field current to maintain relatively constant voltage. For example: Resistances less than 100 Ω are written: 100, 220, 470. For example: 000 and 0000 sometimes appear as values on surface-mount zero-ohm links, since these have (approximately) zero resistance. Thick-film and carbon composition resistors generate more excess noise than other types at low frequencies. This article discusses resistance along with the resistance formula and its derivation. Since the maximum voltage specified for commonly encountered resistors is a few hundred volts, this is a problem only in applications where these voltages are encountered. Variable resistors can be used to adjust circuit elements (such as a volume control or a lamp dimmer), or as sensing devices for heat, light, humidity, force, or chemical activity. Power resistors are physically larger and may not use the preferred values, color codes, and external packages described below. A resistor of 100 ohms ±20% would be expected to have a value between 80 and 120 ohms; its E6 neighbors are 68 (54–82) and 150 (120–180) ohms. ASTM B809 is an industry standard that tests a part's susceptibility to sulfur. Since poor air circulation, high altitude, or high operating temperatures may occur, resistors may be specified with higher rated dissipation than is experienced in service. With the strain gauge and a filter, amplifier, and analog/digital converter, the strain on an object can be measured. The power rating of the resistor is usually not marked and is deduced from the size. Surface mounted resistors of larger sizes (metric 1608 and above) are printed with numerical values in a code related to that used on axial resistors. Procedures in Experimental Physics, John Strong, p. 546. Information about Resistor in the free online Tamil dictionary. The electrical resistance is varied by sliding a wiper contact along a resistance track. The primary standard for resistance, the "mercury ohm" was initially defined in 1884 in as a column of mercury 106.3 cm long and 1 square millimeter in cross-section, at 0 degrees Celsius. The resistance is determined by the ratio of the fill material (the powdered ceramic) to the carbon. It passes a current whose magnitude can vary by a factor of 1012 in response to changes in applied pressure. The thermal noise of a practical resistor may also be larger than the theoretical prediction and that increase is typically frequency-dependent. The carbon film resistor has an operating temperature range of −55 °C to 155 °C. The process of restricting the flow of electric current to certain level is called resistance. What does variable resistor mean? Voltages can be divided with the use of resistors, and in combination with other components resistors can be used to make electrical waves into shapes Fixed resistors have resistances that only change slightly with temperature, time or operating voltage. Such meters are adapted to the shunt full current rating by using an appropriately marked dial face; no change need to be made to the other parts of the meter. [19] The name potentiometer comes from its function as an adjustable voltage divider to provide a variable potential at the terminal connected to the tapping point. Resistors are nothing but hurdles and obstructions in the path […] Wirewound resistors are commonly made by winding a metal wire, usually nichrome, around a ceramic, plastic, or fiberglass core. , and the like— in different ways, electronic circuits that perform many functions can be developed. It is important in small value resistors (100–0.0001 ohm) where lead resistance is significant or even comparable with respect to resistance standard value.[25]. In other words, Thermisters is a type of variable resistor which notices the change in temperature. Furthermore, a resistor in a series is a connected resistor in a line. Details / edit. Next three digits gives the resistance value. What does carbon resistor mean? = Default tolerance was ±20%. An ohm is equivalent to a volt per ampere. Axial resistors' cases are usually tan, brown, blue, or green (though other colors are occasionally found as well, such as dark red or dark gray), and display 3–6 colored stripes that indicate resistance (and by extension tolerance), and may be extended to indicate the temperature coefficient and reliability class. For example: Sometimes these values are marked as 10 or 22 to prevent a mistake. Each of the two so-called Kelvin clips has a pair of jaws insulated from each other. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The ends of the wire are soldered or welded to two caps or rings, attached to the ends of the core. An electric component that transmits current in direct proportion to the voltage across it. The unwanted inductance, excess noise, and temperature coefficient are mainly dependent on the technology used in manufacturing the resistor. Definition of Resistor in the Online Tamil Dictionary. Some carbon composition resistors can exhibit thermoelectric offsets as high as 400 µV/°C, whereas specially constructed resistors can reduce this number to 0.05 µV/°C. The device or component used to restrict the flow of electric current to certain level is called resistor. The assembly is protected with a layer of paint, molded plastic, or an enamel coating baked at high temperature. Manufacturers may sort resistors into tolerance-classes based on measurement. Resistor definition is - a device that has electrical resistance and that is used in an electric circuit for protection, operation, or current control. Practical resistors as discrete components can be composed of various compounds and forms. Business listings of Resistors manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu along with their contact details & address. For five- and six- striped resistors the third is the third digit, the fourth the multiplier and the fifth is the tolerance; a sixth stripe represents the temperature coefficient. Temperature coefficients of thick film resistors are high, typically ±200 or ±250 ppm/K; a 40-kelvin (70 °F) temperature change can change the resistance by 1%. All types offer a convenient way of selecting and quickly changing a resistance in laboratory, experimental and development work without needing to attach resistors one by one, or even stock each value. In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines, among other uses. [5] A family of discrete resistors is also characterized according to its form factor, that is, the size of the device and the position of its leads (or terminals) which is relevant in the practical manufacturing of circuits using them. To measure high currents, the current passes through the shunt across which the voltage drop is measured and interpreted as current. One range of ultra-precision foil resistors offers a TCR of 0.14 ppm/°C, tolerance ±0.005%, long-term stability (1 year) 25 ppm, (3 years) 50 ppm (further improved 5-fold by hermetic sealing), stability under load (2000 hours) 0.03%, thermal EMF 0.1 μV/°C, noise −42 dB, voltage coefficient 0.1 ppm/V, inductance 0.08 μH, capacitance 0.5 pF. One common scheme is the RKM code following IEC 60062. 24. Other techniques employ bifilar winding, or a flat thin former (to reduce cross-section area of the coil). Practical resistors also have some inductance and capacitance which affect the relation between voltage and current in alternating current circuits. They also have much lower noise levels, on the level of 10–100 times less than thick film resistors. Large wirewound resistors may be rated for 1,000 watts or more. This induced DC voltage can degrade the precision of instrumentation amplifiers in particular. The word Resistor came from the property of resistance, which means to oppose current. In a resistor the energy of the electrons that pass through the resistor are changed to heat and/or light. A resistance decade box or resistor substitution box is a unit containing resistors of many values, with one or more mechanical switches which allow any one of various discrete resistances offered by the box to be dialed in. Sulfur resistant and anti-corrosive resistors are sold into automotive, industrial, and military applications. Practical resistors have a series inductance and a small parallel capacitance; these specifications can be important in high-frequency applications. This is not a resistor technology; it is an electronic circuit topology. Thermisters is a two terminal device which is very sensitive to temperature. Resistors are also implemented within integrated circuits. All resistors have a maximum voltage rating; this may limit the power dissipation for higher resistance values. Here R is the constant of proportionality and is known as the resistance of the resistor. They are usually set with dials that include a simple turns counter and a graduated dial, and can typically achieve three digit resolution. Wire-wound and thin-film resistors are often used for their better noise characteristics. Resistor: A resistor is an electrical component with two terminals that is used to limit or regulate the flow of electrical current in electronic circuits. Usually the resistance is accurate to high precision, ranging from laboratory/calibration grade accuracy of 20 parts per million, to field grade at 1%. The main types of thermistors are NTC and PTC. [10] The principle is also applied in the carbon microphone. For example, SMD thin film resistors, with 0.5% tolerances, and with 25 ppm/K temperature coefficients, when bought in full size reel quantities, are about twice the cost of 1%, 250 ppm/K thick film resistors. Resistors are manufactured in values from a few milliohms to about a gigaohm in IEC60063 ranges appropriate for their tolerance. The failure rate of resistors in a properly designed circuit is low compared to other electronic components such as semiconductors and electrolytic capacitors. The voltage generated across the test resistance in that case is linearly proportional to its resistance, which is measured and displayed. There are various standards specifying properties of resistors for use in equipment: There are other United States military procurement MIL-R- standards. This is one of the basic components used in Emergency lighting, Medical Devices, Battery operated equipment, and many more applications. variable resistor. Passive electrical component providing electrical resistance, A family of resistors may also be characterized according to its, A New Precision Film Resistor Exhibiting Bulk Properties. [citation needed]. This may be due to dirt or corrosion and is typically perceived as "crackling" as the contact resistance fluctuates; this is especially noticed as the device is adjusted. Similarly, the resistance of a humistor varies with humidity. In a high-voltage circuit, attention must sometimes be paid to the rated maximum working voltage of the resistor. Resistor - English - Sinhala Online Dictionary. One pair of terminals applies a known, calibrated current to the resistor, while the other pair senses the voltage drop across the resistor. "Resistors: A Motor with a Constant Force (Force Source)", "SR Series: Surge Resistors for PCB Mounting. Resistors required to dissipate substantial amounts of power, particularly used in power supplies, power conversion circuits, and power amplifiers, are generally referred to as power resistors; this designation is loosely applied to resistors with power ratings of 1 watt or greater. Resistance is a measure of the opposition to the flow of current in a resistor. A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. Surface mount resistors have been known to fail due to the ingress of sulfur into the internal makeup of the resistor. The strain resistor is bonded with adhesive to an object that is subjected to mechanical strain. passive electrical dipole which providing a constant ratio between tension and current. These resistors are used when an adjustable load is required, for example in testing automotive batteries or radio transmitters. A potentiometer (colloquially, pot) is a three-terminal resistor with a continuously adjustable tapping point controlled by rotation of a shaft or knob or by a linear slider. For example: Precision resistors are marked with a four-digit code, in which the first three digits are the significant figures and the fourth is the power of ten. Some include a conductive-plastic resistance coating over the wire to improve resolution. Current-measuring instruments, by themselves, can usually accept only limited currents. Thin film resistors are usually far more expensive than thick film resistors. For example, for a tolerance of ±20% it makes sense to have each resistor about 1.5 times its predecessor, covering a decade in 6 values.

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