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I have come to love my blended creations! About George Since becoming a Christian on May 29, 1957 at a Billy Graham Crusade in Madison Square Garden in New York City, I have been studying the Bible. May the Holy Spirit keep you in perfect peace today and always! Malkmus decided that he would not submit himself to the treatments th… Happy Birthday George, and may God’s blessings continue to rain upon you throughout the year! Thank you for inspiring me and others to “eat to live rather than live to eat”. Celebrating Rev. Just looking at You is enough to make people want to get on the H diet! So many people still need it! Remain blessed & rapturable in Jesus name. Shelby Star, Jan 10, 1998. Hi Wondy, A good clean diet is foundational. In 1976 a Baptist minister, in Glenn Falls, N.Y., by the name of Rev. Happy Birthday Rev. - Gods Way To Ultimate Health Part George Malkmus was told he had colon cancer. Hallelujah Acres has partnered with read more company news. George Malkmus with Michael Dye, is the ultimate nutritional guidebook, and has everything you need to know about how to return to God's original plan for nourishing the human body. Malkmus observed his mother's rapidly declining health after she received surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. now. Your email address will not be published. We are so thankful for you and the work you have accomplished for us all. Happy Birthday Rev. We will continue to educate and demonstrate that there are natural alternatives out there – that a healthy lifestyle promoting strong bodies and preventing chronic disease can be achieved through a primarily raw, plant-based diet and the proper supplements. There are also some very provocative chapters: "How Prayer Can Hinder Healing"; "How Churches Promote lll Health"; and even one chapter titled "Health Insurance — Dangerous To Your Health". You are very much appreciated. Health Tip #210: Stroke Update by Rev. George Malkmus' 83rd birthday on the 25th anniversary of Hallelujah Diet. Think about someone with a compromised GUT trying to digest raw broccoli, cabbage, celery and carrots. I like to call him “Mr. To say the least, your gift to us of hacres transformed our family’s health. Seams like your mother was a nurse. Kayode ADEBOYE May God continue to bless you and keep you and Rhonda! Malkmus! I just want to say that I pray that God will continue to bless you to have many more birthdays. The founder, Rev Malkmus, 73 years old says he's in perfect health and cured colon cancer with this diet. To show our gratitude, we will be offering a 25% discount on all of our Hallelujah Diet supplements for two days only. February 12, 2017, Have A Happy and Blessed Birthday Reverend Malkmus you look absolutely wonderful I’ve never forgotten your passion for good health doing God’s will. But if they can, then blended would be an ideal way. George Malkmus' own personal testimony of healing from cancer is based upon examinations by chiropractors and there is no pathology or medical records to substantiate his claims. I am happy to see your happy and healthy.. The Word of God, speaking the truth to your error: Franklin, Ohio, Lois Anderson These stories that you have so bravely shared have energized us, motivated us and inspired us to keep spreading the good word. We jumped in with both feet. Happy Birthday/ Founding day annivs to our beloved Rev. Nancy Banks Do you own a juicer? We do not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experience recounted is typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience. Praying you have many more! Jacqueline M. Reilly It’s hard to believe Your 83! Voncille, Daune Steele George Malkmus in 1992 in Gastonia, NC. You and Rhonda have immensely made an impacted on my life which started approximately 7 years ago when you held a seminar at the Chillicothe Baptist Church, here in Ohio. The testimonials reflect the real life experiences of individuals who used our products and/or services. Malkmus, May God Bless you and your family with many healthy more. I ordered some of your books. Testimonials are not necessarily representative of what anyone else using our products and/or services If you are looking for a Bible-based diet, consider the Hallelujah diet by founder George Malkmus. All rights reserved. I went down to Roseburg, Oregon to her home to take care of her for 3 months. Vicki Griffis My wife, Susan got over rheumatoid arthritis in about 4 short months, I got over stomach acid problems, and all of my children’s allergies went away. February 13, 2018. After reading the book you will know whose "wisdom" wins the battle. Oct 21 2020. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rev. Dr. George H. Malkmus (Just a sinner saved by God’s grace)“ Your words are deceitful, because you have deceived yourself, George. other weight loss or weight maintenance program. This is basically a complilation of George Malkmus' Hallelujah Health Tips that addressed the Maker's Diet. February 12, 2017, You have blessed my life, through the products I have kept healthy, look younger, and stayed stronger May God bless you. Happy Birthday Reverend Malkmus!! Trusting that you will have many more happy years. She looks healthy now. *****www.therenegadehealthshow**** - Today's show is with Rev. What a great testimonial! George Malkmus. Thanks Dr George! Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. You look fantastic. God's Way to Ultimate Health offers a powerful and timely reminder of the diet God originally provided for mankind, and shows how far we have strayed from God's... Free Shipping on all orders over $10. Of course, juicing is good, too. I became a Health Minister in 2011 and share this message of God’s Original diet and the hope & healing it brings with anyone who will listen. He sells juicers, distillers, supplements, books, and gimmicks to fleece the February 12, 2017. Happy Birthday! Shelby, North Carolina. I have heard so much about hallelujah diet please how do I get in touch am in Nigeria and I have been battling with aggressive breast cancer, please I refuse to go for mastectomy or have any chemotherapy please help. February 13, 2017. Happy birthday Dr Malkmus and thank you for your perseverance over the years! It is good to see you again. EVERETT CRAFT Love, Jesus has used you so powerfully to cure our sicknesses. Though it would take more than two decades for the rest of the health community to start catching on, Rev. Thank you. God bless you & Rhonda for being most kind and loving neighbors to all in the Hallelujah Acres community. Malkmus’ 83rd Birthday and Hallelujah Diet’s 25th Anniversary, “I was suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and a chronic form of Epstein-Barr virus. She was more dead than alive when I got to her home. I just need to say, THANK YOU! Thank you so very much and Happy Birthday! Malkmus, our founder, a blessed and happy birthday. Healthier now and capable of managing my health more that I could when I was 10 years younger. Testimonials appearing on this website are received in various forms via a Life changing company! care provider. God keep you, and continue to bless you, Best wishes for a wonderful Birthday to a man has truly Blessed many of us with excellent health! We really miss your special ministry and the retreats you had in Shelby. Thanks and I pray that God grants you more years in good health. Thank you for enlightening us to God’s way to health. 234 (0) 8186691623 (line 3), 234 (0) 8145266012 (line 4) and 234 (0) 8183496426 (line 5), Store Hours: Used under license. Actually I think that is all that it is. Augusta, Georgia. Noreen Aprile Click Here to Learn More. This year, we are thrilled to celebrate the Rev. February 12, 2017. THANKS FOR GIVING AND SHARING OF THE GIFT WITHIN YOU. Copyright © 2019 Hallelujah Diet. In 2001,when I was diagnosed with 2 different cancers at the same time—breast and colon–( colon had not spread–PTL–I had two surgeries 6 weeks apart and then started chemo for the breast. The "Hallelujah Diet" Is Heresy Reverend George Malkmus is a false teacher promoting an extreme vegetarianism that is altogether contrary to the Bible. Malkmus! representative of what any other consumer might experience. God's Way to Ultimate Health by Rev. You’ve been a blessing to this generation and we pray for God’s continuous blessings upon you and yours in Jesus Name. At the time, our message and our teachings were faced with a lot of criticism, even from the Christian community. October 3, 2019. It has been an honor to work alongside and know George Malkmus. George Malkmus a very happy birthday. Elizabeth Horvath Florence, Voncille Noyes The Hallelujah Diet Workbook: Experience the Optimal Health You Were Meant to Have by Dr. George Malkmus (1-Apr-2006) Paperback Jan 1, 1702 4.0 out of 5 stars 1 Happy birthday, and many more. COVID-19 Update: How to protect yourself. May God’s work continue to prosper in your hand. The proof is in what you say and do. How much is she juicing per day? Consult your physician or healthcare provider before beginning the Hallelujah Diet as you would any other weight loss or weight maintenance program. GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Phone Numbers: It tickles us that dinner guest don’t realize it isn’t meat, until we tell them. Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this Site is intended to provide health care advice. 234 (0) 8133375808 (Distribution Center), Store Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (West Africa Time) It’s really a shame how much you are charging people.. and you claim to believe in God and want to help people and your getting rich off of a lot of poor sick people.. shame on you. All Rights Reserved. Learn the 'how' and 'why' of changing to a primarily raw food diet. February 12, 2017, your the reason I am still alive at 73 george,changed my diet and my life has changed. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider. Happy birthday Rev Malkmus and thank you for your perseverance in reaching out to others to hear the message of health for 25 years! Those seminars in Shelby were a big blessing for countless people. I put her on your Hallelujah diet and she will be turning 86 years old this April.

Resistance Band Exercises For Abs And Arms, Consider The Following Simple Economy That Produces Only Three Goods:, Best Ikea Comforter, Benedictine College Theology, Is Desoto Falls Open, Nature Valley Cereal Discontinued, Beetroot Juice In Supermarkets,

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