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state select water heater pilot light won t light

Sometimes, carbon deposits can build up on the pilot and eventually create a restriction. This Shows How To Light A State Select Water Heater You -> Credit to : i.ytimg.com Take a look at our guide below to troubleshooting and fixing your water heater pilot light. Look at the Status Light on the gas control valve. If these are blocked up, there will be a lack of oxygen which can affect your flame. Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out? Not only does it prevent a furnace from operating properly, but an unlit pilot can also steal away the comforts of a hot morning shower. My dad changed the gas control valve because it had been not getting hot, just warm. The gas supply to … It's an ao Smith … read more. One of the most common problems that you will face with your gas water heater is a faulty pilot light. Before I touched anything, our hot water was fine. Lighting a water heater is simple, no matter what type you have. The Product Preservers® Anti-Scale System protects your tankless water heater from damage due to scale formation. 11 Answers. Giving it time will also make sure that any excess gas from the pilot disappears. Determine what style of water heater you have. with any hot water heater I have seen, there is a on/pilot/off valve. It shows my air intake at the very bottom of the unit below the inner door, just below the glass window(view pilot flame). Thank you. Smith. When the tank runs out of fuel, the pilot light on the heater goes out, and to get the heater working again, you have to re-light it after you change the tank. It went out somtime Saturday afternoon. If you have a newer model, this is when you will need to press the ignite button to spark the gas. It has just gone out of warranty, and the pilot light has started going out once or twice a day. Often, when your water heater won’t ignite, it’s due to the thermocouple. My hot water tank heater won't work. I'm seeing prices of similar models in the $120 range and that's going to be very, very difficult (I lost my job a few months ago and can only find part time work right now). submitted to our "DoItYourself.com Community Forums". home improvement and repair website. Once lit you will need to hold the button down for a while to ensure that it keeps burning. Any other suggestions? WARNING HOTTER WATER CAN SCALD: Water heaters are intended to pro-duce hot water. Many homeowners trying to fix a furnace for the first time are surprised if they don't find a traditional pilot light (also known as a standing pilot). You may freely link Plumbing, Piping, Water Heating, Wells, Air & Water Filtration and Conditioning. I own a A. O. Smith water heater FSG FSG 40 216. Answer Save. Here's what happened. I was just trying to get an idea on what kind of parts there are to replace. This will release the gas to the pilot flame. Not only does it ignite the gas inside your heater, but it also helps to maintain the internal temperature of your water heater… We were able to light it Saturday evening. If you're water won't heat up, the pilot light on your water heater may have blown out. I have a HOTPOINT Natural Gas water heater that has worked great up until this morning. The light goes out due to improper venting or air supply. I am trying to light my pilot- it will light but the status light on my pilot does not flash on. If you have one of the older, manual models, this would be the time to strike a match or get your lighter ready. Once the pilot is burning well, release the knob and turn it to the ‘on’ setting. Should it be replaced anyway to be safe? Gas Heater Pilot Light Troubleshooting. Simply remove the thermocouple from your water heater, and gently rub it down with a cloth or piece of fine sandpaper. The pilot ignites the water heater’s gas burner. Whew! I've lit it about 4 times and it keeps going out. I've never done any kind of work on a WH before. They are fairly easy to replace. This shows how to light a state select water heater you how to light the pilot on a state select water heater with how to replacing the thermocouple on a state water heater you hot water heater pilot light won t stay lit or on how to fix. A bunch of white crystal looking stuff came out. Our pilot light won't stay lit. Down-draft from the ceiling fan, draft at the bottom of the unit, or high winds are also common reasons when the pilot would go out. Do you think it would be alright if I light the pilot and let the solid blue flame burn for a time in 'pilot lighting' position(maybe 5 - 10 minutes, longer?) Simply straighten out the kink in your flex tube and you should be good to go! Otherwise, if the pilot light is not functioning correctly, the unit won’t turn ON, and you won't have hot water. Hello, I have a State Select Water Heater and the pilot light went out on it via cold water only. If the pilot does not light, the water heater will not heat. Can you let me know exactly how to clean it? This is the initial step for any water heater pilot light troubleshooting. BTW, our water heater is a natural gas water heater. Replace the thermostat if it doesn't turn on the burner to heat the water. We have well water. I have a state model GS640YBRTD water heater in a rental property I manage. So, we just bought this house about 2 months ago. Try to light the flame again to see if you have been successful in unblocking the tube. Looks like the only way to take the burner out is remove the face plate that has the thermocoupler pipe entrance and viewing window? The main sign that a pilot light is out is one that everyone dreads: The water won’t get hot. The pilot is usually readily accessible on the front of the heater. Make sure to follow the directions on your water heater label. I have a feeling nest wasn't wired correctly. 2. After looking into what I should attempt to get rid of the smell, I figured my first look was going to be at the water heater. I held the knob thing down, clicked the ignite button, and the flame came right on, but the status light won't flash and I don't know what's wrong. There is a class action against them. The pilot ignites the water heater’s gas burner. The problem is often caused by one or two inexpensive and easy-to-replace parts. You need a new control valve. Check the flex tube: Check along the tube to straighten it, so there’s no obstruction to the flow of gas. If the pilot cannot be cleaned, replace it. Our hot water heater won't light. We followed all the instructions, but the pilot light failed to light even after many attempts. Well, about 15 minutes later it was completely cold. you probably need a thermocouple if the pilot light will not stay lit. Replace the pilot assembly, I do water heater repair, that unit is actually made by A.O. We just installed a new Sears water heater, Model # 153.336472. Then all you need to do is connect the outer end to the gas control valve and tighten this firmly. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. My wife is recovering from a brain-stem aneurysm and a stroke, so funds are pretty important right now. In a traditional standing-pilot water heater, there will be a wire ending in a small metal probe positioned at the end of the pilot light tube; this is the thermocouple. We installed a Whirlpool water heater in Jan. 2005. Sometimes, carbon deposits can build up on the pilot and eventually create a restriction. All Right Reserved. This control is part of the gas valve assembly and normally has a dial that will allow for temperature adjustment and will also have a probe that monitors the water temperature. Couldn't stand a cold shower again, so this evening, I lit the pilot and everything 'worked' correctly as far as heating up. I turned the gas off and opened all the hot water faucets in the house until it started to run cool, which took a good minute (kitchen and two bathroom sinks full open and it's only a 40gallon tank.... so the water must have been literally boiling in the tank. I hooked a hose to the drain as I read a dirty heater can cause it to overheat. Also, I notice the insulation on one side of the face plate viewing window is just a touch damp. Hello All. *Disclosure: Links in the posts above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. We hope this has answered your questions as to why your water heater pilot light isn’t working. It stayed lit for a while once it was lit Saturday night. So what’s the deal? Solid. If this isn’t working, then you know there will be a problem with the whole unit. You get two different types of water heater igniters. Propane isn't supplied through the gas lines, so to use a propane heater, you have to connect it to a tank. Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons why pilot lights go out, all of which are dependent on a number of factors. I won't do this move until I hear from you. The thermocouple is triggered by an electric current produced by the pilot light. Expect nothing less from State. If you have the disk as I satated you can clean from the bottom air intake... Hello again, I removed air intake cover and was able to stick my fingers into that area. Once cooled down, turn the pilot control knob to light. suggestions. As a result, the pilot doesn’t get enough fuel to stay lit. If the pilot cannot be cleaned, replace it. If the pilot goes out, the thermocouple signals the gas valve to remain closed until the pilot light is relit. When your pilot will not light or does not remain lit, you might be able to save the price of a service call by taking a few minutes to troubleshoot … This is something that could commonly occur in older water heaters that have seen plenty of use. Replace the burner assembly if it's at fault. Hopefully I can get this one repaired for now, so any advice or help will be appreciated more than you know. Whether it’s your furnace, water heater, oven, or stove, relighting your pilot light is actually really easy. Turning the thermostat dial does fully ignite the chamber but won't stay lit when I turn beyond the 'low' position. This is another pretty simple problem with an easy fix. Very frustrating! The pilot light in a water heater ignites the gas burner and thus heats the water in the tank. If the pilot is restricted, try removing it and clearing it with a stiff brush and/or compressed air. State. Thank you Jesus. Before starting to worry about your broken pilot flame, you will need to make sure that you are igniting it properly first. If the pilot doesn’t relight, if it goes out right after lighting or if it goes out repeatedly, by far the most common cause is a bad thermocouple. This can happen with age. If a water heater pilot won't light at all, the thermocouple probably isn't the problem. The gas is shut off by the thermocouple as a precaution if it detects an unlit pilot. For more maintenance tips on your water heater appliance, check out the dedicated section on our website. The igniters on water heaters tend to be extremely reliable, and if they fail they do not normally do so intermittently in my experience. If your water heater isn’t working properly, heating up, igniting, or cooling down, then the pilot light should be the first place to look. Gas hot water heater troubleshooting always seems to start with the pilot light. Just installed a new water heater yesterday. Blow more air then verify it is coming out pilot end. (we've lived here about 5 years, don't know how old the WH is). The water heater pilot light needs to stay lit for a number of reasons. Hi, Several years ago, we purchased a new State Select (model #GS640YBRT) natural gas hot water heater. This is the first thing to notice. Now the water heater pilot light should be burning smoothly. Water heated to a temperature which will satisfy clothes washing, dish washing, and other sanitizing needs can scald and permanently injure … How to Fix. Thanks! There are a few ways in which your thermocouple may be damaged, some more serious than others. The pilot light of my STATE SELECT (gas) hot water heater is not on for some reason, and since I can't really deal with it this evening, I want to know if I should just turn the valve on the off position, turn the temperature valve on the lowest setting, and turn off the main gas valve to the heater. Please.. anything anyone can offer would be really amazing. Reason 1: Dirty Pilot Tube. The pilot light went out again sometime Sunday morning. Luckily, replacing your thermocouple is a job that can be done at home pretty easily – especially if you have an older manual water heater. If your gas water heater doesn’t stay lit, you may have a defective control thermostat. Tank-type gas water heaters use a pilot light to ignite the gas burner when the water in the tank needs to be heated.

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